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Russian President Vladimir Putin warns he'll retaliate against NATO missiles
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia will retaliate against the placement of U.S. missiles in nearby countries such as Romania, according to Russia's state-run news agency TASS. [ 1 Comment ]

U.S.-led coalition troops seen near front line in new Iraq offensive
Servicemen from the U.S.-led coalition were seen near the front line of a new offensive in northern Iraq launched on Sunday by Kurdish peshmerga forces that aims to retake a handful of villages from Islamic State east of their Mosul stronghold. [ No Comments ]

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Arab League supportive of French peace initiative
The Arab league supported on Saturday France's Middle East peace initiative and all international efforts to create lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians, AFP reported. [ No Comments ]

Senate Appropriations Committee Approves $600 Million in Israeli Defense Funding
The Senate Appropriations Committee easily approved $600 million in funding for Israeli missile defense programs Thursday, moving the legislation to the floor for a full chamber vote. [ No Comments ]

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Bible verse prompts GOP walkout after LGBT vote labeled a sin
A House conservative went after dozens of fellow Republicans on Thursday with suggestions that they'd sinned for backing an anti-discrimination proposal against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. [ 1 Comment ]

Long-Dreaded Superbug Found in Human and Animal in U.S.
The antibiotic resistance factor MCR, which protects bacteria against the final remaining drugs of last resort, has been found in the United States for the first timeā€”in a person, and separately, in a stored sample taken from a slaughtered pig. [ No Comments ]

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Clinton, before her official announcement, speaking to the media at the United Nations Headquarters regarding her use of a private email server while Secretary of State.
Feds fight to prevent Clinton deposition in email case
The Obama administration is trying to prevent former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from being deposed in an ongoing open records case connected to her use of a private email server. [ 2 Comments ]

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Sudan to charge detained Pastor with death penalty
A pastor could face the death penalty after his attorney told International Christian Concern that the Sudanese government is planning to charge him with espionage and other crimes against the state. [ No Comments ]

India: Hindus set Christian homes afire
After concluding that their Hindu deities were angry, villagers in Chhattisgarh state drove some newly converted Christians from their homes and then set the buildings afire. [ No Comments ]

Egypt: Human rights activist arrested
A well-known Egyptian human rights activist was arrested at his home in Cairo last week. [ 1 Comment ]

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